Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Monday, April 16, 2012


(Because we all lose paper copies.)

Salt Printing Method:

-Coat the paper generously with Salt Sensitizing Solution (add 1 drop potassium for more contrast)
-Let dry
                        At this point, the paper is not light sensitive, and can be stored.

-Coat paper with Silver Nitrate Solution. *This solution is dangerous.  It is poisonous if swallowed, and can lead to blindness if it gets in your eyes.*
-Let dry.
            At this point the paper is fairly light sensitive, and should be stored for shorter amounts of time.

-Expose the paper in the same manner as a Cyanotype or Vandyke.  It will darken visibly within the first minute.  It is usually a good idea to wait at least three minutes.  The image will darken and the yellow stain will fade during the post-exposure process, so look for exposure to be ½ or so as dark as the final product.

-Wash in rinse and fix as you would a Vandyke.

Salt Print Examples