Saturday, February 12, 2011

16 Black and White Photographs That I Find Amazing

By: Arnold Newman
(Subject is JFK, before he became President)

By: William Anastasi
(I saw this once in a museum, and couldn't get it out of my head.)

By: Jerry Uelsmann
(Not his typical work, but incredibly powerful)

By: Jerry Uelsmann
(More his style; he's amazing, I recommend you check out his website)

By: Dorothea Lang

By: Lewis Hine
(Subject is Jo Bodeon, a Child Factory Worker)

By: Richard Avedon
(Subject is Richard Avedon)

By: Richard Avedon

By: Arthur Leipzig

By: Lewis Hine

By: Irving Penn

By: Arnold Newman
(Subject is playwright Arthur Miller)

By: David Lebe

By: Michael Kenna
(Of Venice)

By: Rocky Schenk

By: Hiroshi Watanabe
(A little cheesy, I know, but bubbles are fun)

My Photographs

Sorry about the dust on some of these scans!

                                       "Down Is Up"

                             "Uelsmann 1"
(All Darkroom Manipulation, No Photoshop; Three Negatives Were Used)



(Abstract; Original Print was of a Train Platform)

(Hunter O'Niell)

(Sabattier Effect)