Thursday, December 8, 2011

3rd Project

Please give credit to me/ Matt W, the model.

(a sense of the project all together)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, what I want to shoot will be a bunch of scenes that come together to form a narrative.
These sketches include some lighting to see how I can stage some more dramatic things....
In this one, I'm trying to make it so bright behind the closet door that it looks practically like something is going off inside it.
The top photo is doctored, the bottom one isn't.... you can kind-of get a sense of what I'm going for.... I'll definitely need to use a tripod, and have more lights.... this was done with a long exposure and a single strobe (someone was inside the closet using the strobe around the door frame).

I'm also hoping to shoot someone inside their room/ studying somewhere..... I'd like it to have a pretty staged feel, and would also like for the light to be warmer....
that's why the light behind her is tungsten

I'm also hoping to do some outdoor shooting (but was inhibited by the rain/unable to get equipment).

 I intend to use a digital camera when shooting with lighting so that I can check everything..... 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm in a show!

Oberlin College has a student art show twice a year, run by the "Exhibition Initiative."
It is (as I understand it) an opportunity for student artists to display their work (which did not happen, except for senior studios), and an opportunity for art history majors to curate a show.
I submitted 5 photographs from the emulation project for the curators to choose from; they chose two.
I'm posting them below, even though they are elsewhere on the site.

(Bassman 2)

(Bassman 1)

Final Project: Images

Model: Akemi, the Lovely
(These photos are here for the internet's enjoyment, but please give credit to me (and Akemi) should you use them.)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Please give photocreds!
Thanks, and enjoy!
And Sorry about the quality of some of these scans...they look better in person, i swear!

(Natalia J)

(CJ P)

(Jessie B-C)

(Jessie B-C)


(Jessie B-C)

(Jessie B-C)

(Selin T)

(Natalia J)